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美の推手 The Author of All Things Beautiful and Fashionable


Uni-President Hankyu Taipei, a fashion-oriented business investment under the Uni-President Corporation umbrella, opened in October, 2010, renamed Uni-President Taipei since March, 2016. It is a successful cooperation of Uni-President's investment resources and the corporation's retail experiences devoted to beauty and fashion. Uni-President Taipei is committed to giving customers quality shopping and leisure.

美の所在 Where Beauty and Fashion Leads

座落於台北市信義商圈的黃金三角樞紐位置:忠孝東路及基隆路口的市府轉運站,有效結合捷運、巴士轉運站及國際級飯店,從地下2樓到7樓營業面積約8,000坪,其中地下2樓賣場與市府捷運站相通,1樓則緊鄰巴士轉運站,8樓到31樓是全球頂級設計飯店W Hotel。

Uni-President Taipei is conveniently located in the golden triangle of the deluxe Xinyi business district. The Taipei City Hall Bus Station, located at the intersection of Zhongxiao East Road and Jilong Road, is the service nexus of the Taipei Metro (the renowned Taipei Rapid Transit Systems), long-distance and commuters bus services and many internationally celebrated luxury resorts. Housing nine stories in total - from Basement 2 all the way to the 7th floor - the shopping center is approximately 1,230 square feet in size. The shopping plaza on Basement 2 is connected to the Taipei City Hall metro station.The first floor adjoins the bus services terminal. From the 8th floor all the way to the 31st floor is W Hotel, a global luxury hotel chain.

美の設計 Aesthetics


The exterior of the building is covered in a sleek curtain wall and clean, white aluminum structure to complement the modern, minimalist decor of the Uni-President International Building next door and to accentuate the modish design of the skyscraper. All the shops and boutiques boast graceful, simple lines in keeping with the design theme of the floor. Every lifestyle scenario is carefully reenacted in each shop display to ensure design cohesiveness and a deluxe shopping experience.

美の夥伴 Bussiness commnnity

市府轉運站 Taipei City Hall Bus station


The shopping center is housed in a transportation hub facility that combines bus services, the Taipei Metro, and longdistance passenger bus transport. At present, 16 bus routes are in operation to serve commuters to conveniently combine a majority of transport systems in Taipei City, northern, eastern Taiwan, and Taoyuan International Airport.

台北W飯店 W Hotel Taipei


A spacious, comfortable waiting area is also available to commuters.W Hotel Taipei under Uni-President Corporation assembles natural elements with Taipei's vogue cityscape to reflect the city's effervescent yet thoughtful outlook. It brings a new take on city living to customers.

美の舞台 Center Stage

購物X流行娛樂 = 夢想新舞台 2F Dream Plaza夢廣場 Uni-President Taipei: Where Fashion Meets Fun! 2F Dream Plaza
佔地千坪的戶外空間,綠蔭環繞,視野遼闊,Taipei 101近在咫尺,各種時尚走秀、演唱會、聖誕節點燈、跨年倒數等活動,輪番上陣,目不暇給,打造出信義商圈最具代表性的流行娛樂發源地及新地標,成為一個夢想的新舞台。

This spacious outdoor space is skirted by lush trees on all sides.The view here is excellent: the Taipei 101 Skyscraper, the landmark that defines much of Taipei's cityscape,stands not afar in all her glory.This plaza is where scenesters gather for all sorts of hip events. Fashion shows, concerts, Christmas tree lighting,and year-end countdown parties are staged here throughout the seasons.It is now the new mecca of entertainment in Xinyi District, and where one dares to dream big.
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美の定位 Positioning


Uni-President Taipei is a shopping center that caters to sophisticated, modern office ladies. The posh Xinyi District is where this particular demographic group congregates. With that in mind, Uni-President Taipei focuses specifically on trend-sensitive,modern women between age 25 to 35. This demographic community is hip,interested in stylish apparels and accessories, and financially independent enough to make fashion investments.

美の體驗 The Experience

Uni-President Taipei launched the "Three-Step Recipe for Beauty,"a regimen originated in Japan, for its trend-sensitive customers.This recipe includes custom coloring identification,individual style analysis, and custom fashion fitting for each customer.With the help of a fashion specialist team ,Uni-President Taipei wants every shopper to discover a "me-only" style for every woman.